Shoot photos with your phone, create galleries and auction them to sell to the best bidder!






Look for or ask for photos, illustrations and -soon- videos to suit your needs, buy original contents!



Get in touch with beautiful images lovers, add value to your medias!


Share and get paid

Auction your galleries of videos and photos, sell it to the best bidder!



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Welcome to Gallerist, the photo app which values your images!

Welcome to Gallerist, the photo app that lets you access a stock photography archive where you can find unpublished and original photos. Gallerist is the new photo app designed to add value to your original material.  An open-source where you can sell, buy and obtain professional photos.

Gallerist: more than a pictures app!

Gallerist is not just a great photo app. Our aim is to add value to different kinds of content linked to the image world: 


Photography – the queen of visual products – is definitely one of the main focuses of Gallerist, whose goal is to further increase the value of your original shots.


when a single photo is not enough, soon Gallerist will give you the possibility to share, sell or buy original videos. Stay tuned!


Maybe photography isn’t your strong point, but drawing is your passion? Perhaps a buyer would like to add some of your illustrations to their blogpost, or use them for an advertising campaign? Meet each other on Gallerist!


If you are a graphic designer you can share your technical skills with buyers. Share your graphic artwork on Gallerist!

Not just a pictures app, but a platform where great pictures, original videos, illustrations and graphic artwork can find a space in which their value is enhanced and where they can be shared with a community connected by the passion for quality images.

Do you reflect yourself in one of our characters?

So Gallerist is the right app for you!

Download the app from the stores and start to shoot!
Create your galleries or browse the existing ones.

The photo app that adds value to images and highlights the people behind them

Gallerist is a platform that, on one hand, wants to create a community linked by the passion for quality images and, on the other, provides users a tool for buying and selling original material.

As a user, you have two possibilities: you can upload your photos or your original work to the pictures app and sell them to buyers that find your subject matter interesting, or you can purchase images for personal or commercial purposes.

The Gallerist photo app is not just a space used for trading content or an archive that offers quality images and great pictures. Gallerist is also a community, where users can share their passion for original and unpublished material. The sellers have the possibility to chat with the buyers who are interested in their work, and the buyers can get in touch with the authors, to know who they are dealing with.

Gallerist is the best photo app for buying and selling images, but also if you are interested in knowing who is behind these works!

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