Censorship in photography: What is it and where to find uncensored photos

By censorship we mean the control and limitation of freedom of communication and various forms of expression, thought, and speech by an authority. Censorship in photography is therefored as the limitation of content featured in a shot. This limitation can be applied by blurring or removing elements contained in the picture or even the complete removal of a photo from a certain platform.

Censorship and uncensored photos

The reasons for which censorship is applied to different types of photos are many: it can be because the content is not considered suitable for a certain audience present on the platform; for political reasons; because it’s considered offensive toward certain ideas or ideologies; or to protect vulnerable categories of people, such as minors or children. 

Quite often the term uncensored photos refers to so-called adult photos, which cannot be posted or seen on primary information channels such as social networks, public television and informative newspapers.
A lot of the time the main issue with censorship in photography on channels such as social networks is the fact that the images are censored directly by the platform’s algorithm. In this way historic or artistic nude photos, which are actually in no way offensive or damaging to anyone, are often selectively removed because the algorithm recognizes them images “to censor.”

If you are looking for an uncensored photo, social networks are probably not the right place to do so. There are, however, many sites that do not apply censorship because they do not target an audience that might be offended by content of this type, and therefore where censorship in photography isn’t an issue, allowing you to find the shots you’re searching for without fear of coming across content that has been removed or censored and therefore modified.

If you’re looking for uncensored photos and original shots, then you’ve come to the right place! Gallerist makes available its archive of private and uncensored photos, which can be purchased directly from the author of the shots. Browse through our archive for the uncensored photo you were looking for!

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