How to choose the perfect photos for your blog

You’ve started or want to start your own personal blog but don’t know how to distinguish yourself from the myriad of on-line web pages? Knowing how to choose the perfect photos for your blog is the first step to standing out. The main element that makes a good blog is definitely the quality of the contents, whether it’s written or visual.
It’s not enough to write good material; it should also be pleasing to the eye! Choosing the perfect photos for your blog is important to attract the attention of the user, who will want to continue reading the posts.

First of all, be consistent: always choose images that help the text, and complement it. For your blog to be captivating, contents and images must work together to convey to the user the message you want to share.
Most importantly, it must be very clear to you which visual identity you want to give your platform and the tone you wish to use to approach your audience. You should, then, remain faithful to these decisions every time you choose an image for your blog.

Always choose real images that the reader can identify with and are perceived as original and targeted. Avoid using the same old stock images. Offer your followers new and original contents: if you don’t put any effort into creating your posts, then you can’t expect someone else to spend their time reading them!
Moreover, users are much more attracted to images they connect with. Therefore, always try to create visual empathy between the images you choose and the type of reader you are addressing.

Don’t choose photos for your blog just by entering your post keyword when searching. The main thing is to understand what story you want to tell and what you want to convey to your audience, and then transform these sensations into images.

If you can’t find the image that suits you, launch a call: you can do this on Gallerist, where you will find contents makers ready to create original images based on your guidelines and personal style.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect photos for your blog you can begin searching through the Gallerist original images archive or launch a call to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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