How to create an effective mood board using original photos

Before setting off to create a mood board that is effective you need to have clear in your mind what a mood board is. A mood board is a set of photos that are put together to form a collage and is used to convey to the person looking at it precisely that: the mood, the tone and the concept of a project. Doing this using images proves to be more effective since visual impact is much stronger and more immediate than what you would obtain using words.

Creating a mood board for your projects is easy… if you know how!

  1. Finding references consistent with the project
    The images used in a mood board are known as references. This is because they are simply images you refer to and, though they won’t actually be part of the project itself, they are explicative for the looker and used to convey the concept of the project to the observer.
    Even if these images will not physically be part of the project, they must be consistent with the theme and functional to its purpose.
  2. Simplicity and clarity
    Simplicity will reward you! So when choosing images for your mood board, make sure they are simple and clear and don’t distract the attention from the project and your goal.
  3. Develop your own original style!
    How do you create effective mood boards? By finding your own original style and following your taste. Avoid copying prefabricated mood boards; find your style and choose the images that you like and which reflect you and your project!

There are many ways to create a mood board: you can create a mood board online or decide to make a paper one. Thanks to Gallerist and its archive, you can choose from plenty of original shots to enhance your mood board and create an amazing visual concept for expressing your project.

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