Be keen-eyed and keep your smartphone handy: how to photograph events

Photographing events is as much fun as it is stressful. Sure, you’re participating in an event – whether it’s social or celebrating the world of sports or music – so the situation is often enjoyable. But at the same time you always have to keep an eye on everything that’s going on.
Our guide will show you how to photograph events, take home quality shots and have fun all at the same time.

How to photograph events and have a good time!

Events are exciting and every moment should be enjoyable for everyone. Therefore, in event photography it’s very important to be discreet. In fact, by event photography we don’t mean staged red carpet photos: we’ll leave those to the paparazzi!
Instead we mean taking pictures that show how the event unfolded, in its realest and even most light-hearted moments. Therefore, for taking candid shots it might be a good idea to use your smartphone, so that you are more discreet and less pushy than with a professional camera, which often makes the subject of the photo uncomfortable.

To understand how to photograph events remember to always keep your eyes peeled and don’t think any detail is too small: the perfect photo might be just around the corner!
At the same time, don’t go crazy trying to find the perfect shot: enjoy the event, have fun and talk to people. The only way you’ll notice the moments worth shooting is if you feel at ease.

On the technical level, always keep in mind where you are and what lighting is available. If you’re using a smartphone, remember that the result of flash photography is often disappointing. This is why you should always try to take pictures when you’re near good light or at the start of the event, when there’s still natural light that can be a great ally for obtaining good shots! Don’t ever be caught unprepared: always keep your smartphone handy, ready to take it out in a second if you see something worth capturing.

Now that you know how to photograph events upload your pictures to Gallerist: there may be someone interested in your pictures of a certain event. Also, check Gallerist often: someone may have launched a call for photographers at an event you were planning to attend!

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