The evolution of the visual world and the most interesting trends in photography

Though it’s obviously impossible to predict exactly what will be all the craze in photography in 2017, we can however take a look at which direction the visual world is taking and get an idea of what the most interesting trends in photography will be.

Discover the most interesting trends in photography

There is a growing tendency in photography to prefer authentic images, candids and photos that want to capture a plausible and realistic moment.
The most interesting trends in photography are shifting more and more toward quirky and irreverent shots. Brands mostly tend to want to make the public laugh or smile and engage audiences with shots that they personally identify with. The growing trend is to use spontaneous and fun visuals, images that aren’t always brand-centric and with an unconventional wit about them.

As for the subjects of the shots, the most interesting trends in photography move toward strong women, who are keener on doing rather than appearing. Determined women who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and fight for what they believe in, who aren’t scared to show their imperfections. Women who demolish the stereotypes we have been used to and do not strive for perfection at all costs.

The increasingly greater circulation of information about what’s going on in the world surrounding us – even in faraway places – has led the most interesting trends in photography to concentrate on the “citizens of the world” theme. This means images that center on the meeting of cultures and aim to break down stereotypes and rooted cultural identities, with preference for a cross-culturality that embraces people meeting people and the mutual influence of lifestyles that come in contact and leave their mark on each other.

However, remember that, though it may be important to keep up with the most interesting trends in photography, this shouldn’t be the only criteria for choosing shots: always go for what you like, what you find interesting and, above all, what is meaningful to you and therefore can also tell the audience a story.

Now that you know about the most interesting trends in photography you can look through the Gallerist archive for pictures that suit you, not just because they are trendy, but especially because they mean something to you!

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