Night shots: tips for taking quality pictures

Night shots can be as beautiful as they are difficult. Check out Night shots: tips for taking quality pictures to see how to photograph at night and take beautiful shots using darkness to your advantage.

How to photograph at night

To take good pictures at night you must first decide if you want to use the flash or make the most of the light that’s in the setting.

If you think that the flash is the best solution for your picture, always remember that the end result will necessarily be less natural than a picture that uses the available light. This doesn’t mean that the shot will be worse, but if you’re taking pictures at night and want to use the flash you need to know how to use this tool to the best of its potential. If, for example, you’re indoors and want to capture physical subjects, then the flash could be the right solution for you.

If instead you want to master how to photograph at night when your subject is an outdoor landscape, the best solution is to use the natural light available at that moment. If you choose to use the ambient light, remember that you’re going to need a tripod because the exposure time will necessarily have to be longer, and keeping a steady hand for a long time isn’t easy and could cause blur or produce out of focus shots. So, unless you’re aiming for a more “abstract” result, you will need a support to keep your camera or smartphone still.

In any case, always remember to correctly set the ISO levels that will help even when there’s little light thanks to the presence of other sources of illumination in the scene that may not cast direct light but will help with how the photo turns out.

Now that you’ve read our guide on Night shots: tips for taking quality pictures, try photographing even without the best lighting conditions: you’ll be surprised at the results! Then, always remember to upload your pictures to Gallerist: chances are you’ll find buyers interested in your work!

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