Composition and balance in photography

When we take a photo, we tell a story. We use a visual form of communication and the elements featured in the photo will tell the story of our shot. This is why becoming familiar with composition and balance in photography is important for the good outcome of a picture.

The thin line between vulgar and sensual in photography

The line that separates a sensual photo that highlights the erotic qualities and beauty of the human body, and a vulgar one that just wants to show off without leaving anything to the imagination, is rather thin.

The art of taking perfect selfies

Taking selfies has now become an everyday thing. However, activating the front camera and taking a few test shots isn’t enough for capturing great selfies: you’re still taking an actual picture! So, here are a few tips that can make the difference and let you produce quality photos and take perfect selfies.

How to choose the perfect photos for your blog

You’ve started or want to start your own personal blog but don’t know how to distinguish yourself from the myriad of on-line web pages? Knowing how to choose the perfect photos for your blog is the first step to standing out.

5 Tips for taking pictures with a smartphone

You don’t always need great equipment to take professional quality photos. With a few tricks, your smartphone can turn into an excellent camera. Here are 5 tips for photographing with an iPhone or taking beautiful pictures with a Samsung.

Gallerist | The photo brief: how to

The photo brief: how to

Are you looking for a specific image for your project? Do you want something original that represents both you and your brand? To fully achieve this, you need to know how to create an effective and targeted photo briefing.

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