Street photography: Useful tips for quality shots

Quite often the best photos are candids, which capture the truth of things around us without having to force them. In our guide Street photography: Useful tips for quality shots we have a few handy suggestions for taking quality photos that capture the world around us and things we come across on a daily basis when we’re… well… out in the street.

Street photography: how to

In our guide Street photography: Useful tips for quality shots you will discover some precious advice for taking portraits and photos of interesting strangers and capturing the reality that surrounds you.

  1. Be discreet
    Quite often it’s easier to take pictures undisturbed if you have discreet tools available, things that don’t attract attention and above all don’t make the subject feel uncomfortable. 
This is why deciding to take street photos using a smartphone can be a good idea: it’s not too obvious, it’s discreet and your subjects will never have the certainty that you are photographing them as you could simply be texting someone! 

  2. Always be aware of the context you’re photographing
    Especially if you’re travelling in a foreign country that you’re not familiar with, this rule is very important. When you’re engaged in street photography, what do you do to avoid offending someone? First, asking about the customs and traditions of the place you’re in is very helpful: in this way you can know if locals don’t like being photographed in particular situations, or, on the contrary, if certain cultures particularly appreciate being portrayed during specific daily practices. Asking about those you want to photograph helps to not offend anyone and avoid running into problems, but also create a better quality piece.
  3. The most famous street photography shots can teach you a lot
    Take some time to look through street photography books and web sites: the great masters of this technique can teach you a great deal through their work. Look at their photos to understand the best camera angles, where to position the camera and where to place yourself within the space you’re shooting. The most famous street photography shots are instrumental for starting to train the eye and not waste precious time when you decide to capture the streets!

  4. Don’t be afraid!
    Quite often the biggest obstacle in street photography is the fear or embarrassment of wanting to take a picture of someone you don’t know and you think might not want to be photographed. If you get caught in the act, show the picture to the subject and offer to send them a copy. Also, explain why you found them interesting and why you decided to capture them: they might be happy to know that there’s someone that considers them worthy of being the subject of an original shot!

Street photography is a very interesting and fun technique, often difficult but which brings us close to others and might also be the basis of a casual meeting that could flourish into a friendship!

Now that you’ve read our guide Street photography: Useful tips for quality shots get out there and start snapping: the results may surprise you! And don’t forget to upload your images to Gallerist: there might just be someone looking for a shot or, why not, a collaboration!

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