The 7 perfect photos to promote your restaurant

Have an eatery and wondering how to visually tell its story and describe the cuisine? Well then, you’re in the right place! Here’s our guide on choosing the 7 perfect photos to promote your restaurant.

Which are the 7 perfect photos to promote your restaurant?

Who you are
First of all, you need to tell your clientele who you are. So, among the 7 perfect photos to promote your restaurant you can’t not have a picture of you and your staff. Your customers want to have an idea of what you’re about and who will take care of them at lunchtime and dinner.

Where you are
It’s very important for your customers to know where you’re located, not only for directions on getting there but also to get an idea of the area in which you’ve decided to open your establishment and how the position affects it.

The space
Of course your customers want to know where they are going to eat: the ambience is extremely important and many patrons want to know beforehand where they will be spending their time. Try choosing photos that do your place justice. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and try to understand which photos best describe the characteristics and particularities of your restaurant.

The kitchen
A good idea when looking for the 7 perfect photos to promote your restaurant could be to show the kitchen: we all want to know that the place from which the food we’re going to eat comes from is clean and tidy. Showing a picture of the kitchen will also help gain the trust of your clientele.

The menu
Of course you must include the main thing people are coming to your eatery for: the food. Spend some time and energy taking the best possible pictures of the dishes on your menu. Remember that before actually tasting food we eat it with our eyes. So make your customers’ mouths water!

A good idea, especially if you want to brighten up your restaurant’s social media pages, is to include photos of special dishes or daily specials: give a preview of what you will be offering; give your customers a good reason to come eat at your restaurant today!

The customers
And last but not least, the customers. After all, without them your restaurant could not survive. So why not give them their due consideration? In the age of Trip Advisor there is no better review than the picture of a satisfied customer!

Now that you’ve read our guide on 7 perfect photos to promote your restaurant why not launch a call on Gallerist and find content creators interested in helping you talk about your place!


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