The art of taking perfect selfies

Taking selfies has now become an everyday thing. However, activating the front camera and taking a few test shots isn’t enough for capturing great selfies: you’re still taking an actual picture! So, here are a few tips that can make the difference and let you produce quality photos and take perfect selfies.

How to take perfect selfies

First, remember that when you use the front camera, some of the quality will be lost: although it’s much easier to use the front camera, this will greatly affect the image outcome. Even if more time is required to take a satisfying shot, using the rear camera can make a difference when you want a great selfie.  

In order to take great selfies you then have to know what your best side is and find the best angle for highlighting your face’s strong points.
Here, light plays an essential role: in fact, lighting is fantastic for hiding flaws and imperfections, as well as enhancing details. To take perfect selfies you need to know how to make the most of the light you have available and choose a pose that allows your best features to stand out.

Another important element for taking a great picture is the background: always remember that, no matter how narrow the field is, you must always consider the elements surrounding you. This is important because the elements around you reflect light differently and will therefore affect the final result; also, you don’t want the composition of the photo to be disturbed by elements such as a toilet or a cooker!

Be very careful with touch-ups: one thing is to play with filters and fix a few things, such as non-optimal light, or improve color balance; another is to use a heavy hand with actual photo retouching and overdoing it with Photoshop. No one likes fake-looking photos, and they are never taken seriously. It’s better to have a real picture with some flaws, than a perfect one that is visibly artificial.

In order to take perfect selfies the first rule is to never forget that we are not a fashion studio looking for perfection at any cost, but that taking a picture of ourselves means embracing the flaws and virtues that make us unique and special.









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