The photo brief: how to

Are you looking for a specific image for your project? Do you want something original that represents both you and your brand? To fully achieve this, you need to know how to create an effective and targeted photo briefing.

What is a photo brief?

A photo brief is a document that contains a series of instructions that outline – in as much detail as possible – the final product that we envision for our project.
A photo brief is a map used by ad designers to gain an understanding of your requests and therefore requires two essential features: clarity and completeness.
The brief must focus on the targets and results you wish to achieve. The purpose of your photo brief is to provide ad designers all the necessary information and input needed to develop your idea.

How to create an effective photo brief

Dividing your photo briefing into points is a useful way to proceed in an orderly fashion and avoid scattering information, making the brief more organic and helping the ad designer get into the project by steps.

Header > Here you write the title of the project, its subtitle, if any, the payoff and any information useful to the “initial impact” that you want the project to have on the audience.

Background > Describes who and what we are talking about!
Write who you are, where you’re from, who you work for, what you do and how. In a nutshell, any and all the information that might help the ad designer understand who they are working with. Illustrate how the idea for the project came about and why it is important to you.

Objectives > It is important for the ad designer to know where you’re headed!
Describe the aims of the project and why you wish to achieve certain results; make the ad designer feel that they are part of the project.

Target > It is important to know who we are addressing!
Write here the type of audience you will be talking to: age, gender, geographic area, tastes, trends and why you think that this is the right audience for your project.

Project summary > 
This is the heart of the photo brief. This is where you are actually explaining what you’re looking for. Don’t ever think that a detail is stupid or obvious. It’s always better to have too much information rather than too little.
Tell the ad designer what you imagined on both the “physical” and emotional level; try to render the passion that pushed you to realize the project.

Now that you know how to develop an effective photo brief, why not launch a call on Gallerist and start working with the authors to help you create the perfect content for your project!

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