The thin line between vulgar and sensual in photography

The line that separates a sensual photo that highlights the erotic qualities and beauty of the human body, and a vulgar one that just wants to show off without leaving anything to the imagination, is rather thin.
This is why it’s best to be familiar with the main features of this type of shot, so as to understand the difference between sensual and vulgar in photography.

Understand the difference between vulgar and sensual in photography

Photos that accentuate the sensual side of the subject portrayed are known as boudoir photography. The objective of this particular style is to create a refined and intimate product that gives the viewer the sensation of a private and sensual atmosphere, far from the vulgarity of shots that want to be sexy no matter what and are becoming increasingly stereotypical. 

It is a type of photography that often looks better in black and white, as this technique corrects skin as well as body flaws without the need for further retouching, which could affect the authenticity of the image.

An essential element that marks the difference between vulgar and sensual in photography is the location: for the atmosphere of the photo to be intimate, so must the surroundings. Avoid using photos taken in absurd locations, such as a service station or the supermarket: photographs taken in such places simply look fake. No one would refuel in their lingerie or go naked to the supermarket! In this, as well as other types of photography, realness of the image is key.

Prefer photos where less is more. One of the differences between sensual and vulgar in photography is definitely the model’s pose: to create sensuality and intimacy you must know how to leave some things to the viewer’s imagination. A photo that is too explicit may be attractive at first, but then risks looking cheap, and will tire the eye of the observer, who instead feels rewarded by a photo that shows less and therefore will gladly want to look at it again, each time imagining a different finale for the scene captured.

Now that you know how to recognize the difference between vulgar and sensual in photography have a look through the Gallerist archive for original images that are perfect for freeing your imagination.


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