Tips for quality photos: how to adjust the focus

To understand how to adjust the focus we must start with us and our eyes. When we observe something, this something appears sharp, “in focus” and consistent with the scene it’s part of.
Our eyes often change focus and adapt to rapid frame changes. Peripheral images, i.e. those that we’re not looking at directly but are part of the context, aren’t as sharp as the subject we’re observing.
This is the first thing to keep in mind when you want to understand how to adjust the focus on your camera.

Manual focus or autofocus?

There are two ways to go about adjusting the focus: you can choose either manual focus or autofocus.
Every camera will give you this option. Autofocusing is sure enough much easier, since it doesn’t require particular settings and we know that the camera will choose the best parameters for us.
On the other hand, autofocus is restricted to what the camera “decides.” This doesn’t occur when using manual focus. Initially it will probably be harder to figure out how to adjust the focus in the best way possible, but soon it will be much more gratifying because manual focus lets you decide what you want to stand out and what should instead remain in the background.
If you want to try manual focus remember that not all lenses are created equal and therefore depending on which one you choose, the focus methods will change as well.

The best way to learn how to adjust the focus is definitely to experiment with different types of shots and dabbling with various techniques. Also keep in mind that at times it’s best to let the camera help you by using autofocus, so that you don’t miss a shot because you don’t have the time to manually adjust the focus correctly.

Now that you know how to adjust the focus simply choose manual focus or autofocus…. or both! Start taking pictures and upload you best shots to Gallerist: you might find a buyer who is interested in your work!

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