How to become a fashion photographer

You love fashion and adore taking pictures of what you and others wear? Then you’re in the right place! Discover how to become a fashion photographer and turn your passion into a job!

How to become a fashion photographer

First of all, to learn how to become a fashion photographer you need to know the difference between a fashion photographer for fashion communication and a runway photographer. The first takes editorial shots, the ones we find in newspapers and industry magazines as well as on billboards, and whose aim is to sell the product portrayed; while the runway photographer makes the pictures and/or videos we see in magazines or on themed TV channels, and takes shots that show all the latest trends to industry professionals.

If you’re wondering how to become a fashion photographer specialized in fashion communication, you need to remember that the job entails combining the fashion world with influences coming from cinema, art and semiology, while keeping your focus on the identity that the brand is trying to communicate.

So, how to become a fashion photographer specialized in fashion communication? First of all, you need to build a portfolio that reflects how you work as well as your artistic vision, and then submit it to various fashion houses and magazines. Careful though! Present your portfolio only to clients who have a style and vision that is similar to yours: it’s pointless to send a portfolio to a thousand fashion houses if you know that your photos don’t reflect their brand.

If, instead, you want to get into photographing runway shows, artistic vision steps aside and makes room for the more technical skills required to capture a high-quality shot “at first try.” While during the photo shoot you can always do a shot over until you get exactly what you want, during a fashion show the rule is “one shot, one kill”: even if you use multi-shot mode to gather more material, you still need to make sure that the camera is set correctly for every situation. To master how to photograph runway shows you must know how to set up the camera based on the available light, spaces and the perfect angle for capturing a model in motion. 

Becoming a fashion photographer requires a lot of patience and loads of practice. But if this is your passion, you can begin shooting and uploading your pics to Gallerist: maybe some magazine will be interested in starting a collaboration with you!

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