How to choose photos for your website

An image is worth more than a thousand words, they say. In fact, knowing how to find the perfect photo for your website can make the difference for the quality of your site’s content, your online positioning and for the growth of your website.

How to buy website photos in an effective way

The first step to understanding how to buy photos for use on websites in an effective way is knowing how many to buy.
It’s always best to prefer one evocative image rather than filling your website with countless photos: the user perceives an excess of images as an obstacle to user-friendliness.

When you find yourself buying website photos, always go for sharp and high-quality images, so that, right from the thumbnail, the user can see that the image is clear and consistent with the content.

Don’t let long loading time distract your users from the page content!
Always remember that large images can be slow to load and, if your website contains many of them, it may require too long a wait for your users’ patience. Also, don’t forget that Google gets irritable with extended loading sessions.

Always avoid images that look too fake or “cold”: classic stock photos have seen their day, and users are now more attracted by real images, with which they can identify. Those old-fashioned images used in advertising with smiling women in call centers or people sitting around a meeting room table aren’t effective any more. In 85% of cases, users ignore stock photos!
Picking the first random image that seems relevant isn’t enough: use high-quality real and magnetic images that represent the website’s identity and distinguish it from the sea of generic pictures that populate the web.

To find the perfect shots for your website you must be original, or at least try to be! Avoid irrelevant images and always choose fewer but pertinent and distinguishing ones rather than many generic stock photos.

Finding the perfect photo for your website is easy if you know how: follow our advice and start looking for the perfect photos now in the original Gallerist data bank!

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