How to take beautiful photos in black and white and make the most of this technique

Black and white photography is one of the most loved and used techniques in photography. Taking pictures in black and white may seem simple but there are a few tricks you need to know to understand how to take beautiful photos in black and white.

How to photograph in black and white

Choosing to photograph in black and white can be extremely rewarding, mainly because black and white photos are emotionally more effective: the dramatic force of the shot increases thanks to black and white, therefore making it the preferred technique of essay photographers, who wish to have an emotional grasp on the public. To understand how to take beautiful photos in black and white you must first comprehend the importance of composition: since you can’t count on colors, everything relies on the arrangement and balance of the elements in the photo.
If you wish to learn how to photograph in black and white, here are a few tips.

Black and white: 3 useful tips

  • Capture the images in color

Even if you decide that black and white photography is the way to go, remember that it’s always best to take pictures in color and use your camera’s “Black and White” mode to preview the photo and get a general idea if the picture you’ve taken is close to the desired result.
If you want to master how to take beautiful pictures in black and white, avoid using your camera or smartphone’s default settings because the algorithm that converts the photo doesn’t respect the actual values of the light available at the time of the shot. This is why it’s better to shoot in color and convert the photo to black and white using a post-production photo editing software, with which you can adjust the contrast and light levels in a targeted way.

  • Play with contrasts

When you don’t have light available, contrast is everything: this is because, when there is no color, the eye of the observer is more sensitive to light and we more clearly perceive contrast areas and the different shades of gray that are created. The use of contrast becomes essential if you want to understand how to photograph in black and white because it is the tool through which you direct the eye of the spectator to the elements that you want to bring to the foreground.

  • Always take into account the emotional side

Always remember that when you shoot in black and white the emotional factor increases: in fact, since there are no colors, your picture’s message is conveyed only by what the subjects are able to communicate to the looker. Use this type of photography only when the message you want to deliver has high emotional impact. If this isn’t the case, you will risk creating uninteresting or dull shots that would have been more communicative and better contextualized if helped by color.

Now that you know how to take beautiful pictures in black and white you can upload your shots to the Gallerist archive and find multitudes of buyers interested in your work!

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