To use Galleries is easy if you know how to do it!

Now that you have downloaded the app is important to learn how to use it in the best way to make the most out of the app potentials, whether you’re interested in selling photos whether you’re interested in buying images.

And so, how to use Gallerist?

If you are a content creator and you want to sell photos, Gallerist will be the showcase for your works: here you can upload the content that you wish to sell to buyers and once you have chosen the material you are interested in sharing, and the category, it will be published as a preview. This is because we want to protect you – the author – and the originality of your work.

In which way the paternity of the content is protected?

All content is presented to the community as a preview, protected by a digital watermark (for illustrations and graphics art and soon also videos) or presented in a low-definition version (for photographs). Starting from the description given in the caption and from what can be seen, the user interested in buying a photo online can improve the quality of the photo just by tapping on it. The more people do this, the faster the photo will improve.

If you are interested in buying images, the sale can take place in two ways.

First, through direct purchase, which can be done at any time. Once the image has been bought, it will no longer be available to the Gallerist community but will officially become yours and you can decide to either resell it or use it in other ways.

You can also buy images through the online auction: the artist can set up an auction and choose to make it either public or specific only to the users he/she thinks could be interested in his/her professional photos. In this case, if you wish to take part in the auction, you need to ask the author. At this point, the seller will upload his/her work to the images archive, and decide the starting price of the auction.

And what if in the Gallerist’s archive i can’t find the right image for me?

If you can’t find material that suits you, don’t worry! Gallerist gives you the possibility to launch a call to the authors that are part of the photography community and ask them to make something specifically for you. Ask them to come up with the image you need and choose between the proposals created following your guidelines.

To use Galleries is super simple if you know how to do it, don’t miss any of our blog post to discover tips&tricks about photography and our app!

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