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Where to take emotional photos: isolated and abandoned locations

Having a readily available beautiful location plays a crucial role in the success of a photo. If you’re looking for the perfect location for your shots, read our guide “Where to take emotional photos: isolated and abandoned locations,” you’ll be surprised to discover how many hidden places are just waiting to be captured by your camera.

Tips for quality photos: how to adjust the focus

Our eyes often change focus and adapt to rapid frame changes. Peripheral images, i.e. those that we’re not looking at directly but are part of the context, aren’t as sharp as the subject we’re observing.
This is the first thing to keep in mind when you want to understand how to adjust the focus on your camera.

Be keen-eyed and keep your smartphone handy: how to photograph events

Photographing events is as much fun as it is stressful. Sure, you’re participating in an event – whether it’s social or celebrating the world of sports or music – so the situation is often enjoyable. But at the same time you always have to keep an eye on everything that’s going on.
Our guide will show you how to photograph events, take home quality shots and have fun all at the same time.

All photos have contrast: what is contrast in photography?

Contrast in photography is key. An image is said to be contrasted when there is a marked difference between its light and dark parts. This means that there are few intermediate tones and that its content is portrayed by playing on light and gray areas.
It’s essential to understand what contrast in photography is in order to know how to apply it correctly and obtain quality shots.

10 Tips for post-production in photography

When it comes to photography, post-production is key. Digital post-production is in fact the equivalent of what used to be done in the darkroom with analog photography. Of course, it’s quite a different type of post-production that opens up to a wide and interesting range of possibilities. Check out our 10 tips for post-production in photography to discover some helpful ideas.

Street photography: Useful tips for quality shots

Quite often the best photos are candids, which capture the truth of things around us without having to force them. In our guide Street photography: Useful tips for quality shots we have a few handy suggestions for taking quality photos that capture the world around us and things we come across on a daily basis when we’re… well… out in the street.

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