A good start is half the job done: where to find photos for your blog

So, you’ve decided to start your very own blog but have no idea where to start looking among the tons of online images? In this brief guide we will try to explain where to find photos for your blog and how to choose them in a smart way and set off on the right foot!

Before figuring out where to find photos for your blog, the first things you must have clear in your mind is the identity of the platform you are about to create: you need to determine the style you want your blog to have, the tone you envision for your posts and images, and what makes your blog different from all the others.

First of all, remember that you can’t post just any picture that you find online: many are copyright protected and you would have to pay royalties to use them. Luckily, however, the web is full of image banks that offer a vast selection of images to choose from, and from which you can download photos – for free and for purchase – to include in your articles.
If you decide to use one of these image banks, don’t settle for the first picture you come across. Instead, look through all the available photos and find one that truly reflects your style and is consistent with the content of your post. It doesn’t pay to be lazy!

If at all possible, why not take your own photos for the blog? New and original images are much more attractive to the reader, who is tired of seeing the same photos used over and over again by different blogs or sites. Original images will make it easier to build a following of readers interested in your blog because it will look fresh and different from the thousands of blogs that offer the same old stuff. By showing your reader that you care about them and put time and effort into the success of your platform, you will virtually guarantee yourself a follower!

Not really sure where to find photos for your blog? Look through the Gallerist image bank: unlike the usual online stock photo archives, here you will discover new and original content to set you off to a great start in creating your blog!

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