Gallerist has chosen Facebook as a platform for real-time connection to listen to and interact with our digital community.
Periodically we will offer you contents, talking points and updates around Gallerist’s world.

Here we propose you a kind of “Etiquette of contribution” useful to make this space a serene conversation room, designed to listen and dialogue together.

We invite you to participate in our discussions following the values that characterize our philosophy of life and work: transparency, liability, honesty and passion for comparison.

10 golden rules to grow together in Gallerist App’s community  

1) We are on Facebook to listen to you: ask what you need. If possible, we will give you the information we have as soon as possible.

2) We are on Facebook to support you: remember, however, that we are not a channel of customer care.
For any assistance, please contact the suitable accounts.
Requests for assistance will no way be resolved directly from this page.

3) We are on Facebook to grow together: introduce your ideas or projects via private message. We’ll be glad to talk about them together.

4) We are on Facebook to talk to you: aggressive and uncivilized tones, profanity and insults do not foster the debate and lead to an empty clash. Let’s avoid falling into these unpleasant situations. Otherwise, we will be forced to report your account.

5) We are on Facebook to have direct contact: always remember that online sometimes the tone may be misinterpreted. Let’s use Facebook in full compliance with those we are reading and talking to.

6) We are on Facebook … we are not speaking face to face. Please, do not use often the “caps lock on” active. Did you know that writing in “block letters” online is a synonym for “scream” at your conversational partner?

7) Spam? It is not welcome because it does not foster the debate, but it turns off quickly any conversations.

8) Do you want to talk with us on Facebook? Just use a private message via Facebook Messenger to our profile @GalleristApp. And remember that you do not need to use so many messages or comments to receive an answer: just a little patience. To manage the page there is no software, but a human team that works for you every day.

9) We are on Facebook to listen: any topic of discussion has its place to be exposed and resolved.

Here we indicate our email built-in support:

– App technical support:

Remember, even if we are on Facebook, common sense and courtesy are essential. Let’s be clear, direct and, above all, remember that what we share on social networking sites is public and visible to children: use Facebook consciously and responsibly.

10) Behind any Facebook account there is another human being: let’s act in full respect of others, while maintaining consistency and intellectual honesty.

Insults, racism, aggressive tones and verbal brutality will be reported directly to Facebook management.

Welcome to our digital community!

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