Gallerist does not want to just be a place for buying and selling content, but also a photography community that doesn’t forget that users are people first, and then buyers and sellers.

The Gallerist photo sharing community wants to put sellers and buyers in contact not just with the aim of buying and selling but also to lay the foundations for possible partnerships and, why not, friendships.

Personally knowing the creator of material we want to use is added value: Gallerist is not about the mere purchase of products, like at the supermarket. By knowing the artist, we enhance the value of the content, which is then recognized as something that is not interchangeable with any other similar work, but rather endowed with a precise identity and specificities that make it different from anything else.

At the same time, knowing who you are selling your images to is very important. For a person who is selling the rights to his/her work, it is important to know who the work is being given to and why.

A photography community for creating partnerships

Gallerist is a showcase, a photo sharing community where users can come together and get to know each other thanks to the shared passion for similar images. Beautiful photos can create professional relationships but also private bonds, with the possibility of creating synergy and friendship.

We like to think of the Gallerist photography community as a place where people can meet and share.

Joining the call from a possible buyer could be a great opportunity to get in the game, learn how to satisfy a client request and get useful feedback for future works.

On the other hand, launching a call could be a useful time for learning how to approach others and create clear and focused requests, to get the desired results in the shortest possible time, adding value to the work on both sides.

We like to think of the Gallerist photo sharing community as a place where people can come together and not see others as competitors to beat, no matter what, but as colleagues from whom they can always learn something or ask advice to about photos, videos or drawings.

Gallerist wants to see its users as people, and for this reason creating a community is very important: in addition to building a professional network, the desire is to bring together people who are not necessarily interested in buying and selling images, but want to find others with similar interests to start a friendship with.

A photography community to increase the value of your works, not just by giving them monetary worth but also by acknowledging the authenticity of the person behind them.

Images are as important as the people that enjoy this service, because – in the end – without the user community Gallerist would not exist!

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