How to use Gallerist

How it works Gallerist – Video Tutorial

How to use Gallerist

How does Gallerist work? It’s simple!

First of all, you need to register. You can do it by creating a new account or through authentication using one of your social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Once you are logged in – regardless of the option you have selected – simply choose if you want to be a buyer or a seller (or both!) and start enjoying Gallerist, the photo app that adds value to your original images!
Don’t forget to take care of you profile: Gallerist wants to showcase not just your work, but also you as a person behind it!

Copyright protection

For Gallerist it is important to respect and protect the copyright of your original material. All content is presented to the community as a preview, protected by a digital watermark (for illustrations and graphics art and -soon- videos too) or presented in a low-definition version (for photographs) to prevent any copyright infringement.

Starting from the description given in the caption and from what can be seen, the user interested in buying a photo online can improve the quality of the photo just by tapping on it. The more people do this, the faster the photo will improve. 

Buying and selling images

Material can be bought or sold through private negotiation or with a public auction among users interested in the product.

Direct purchase can be made at any time during the “improvement” phase, using the tap option. Once the image has been bought, it will no longer be available to the Gallerist community and will officially be property of the buyer, who can decide to resell it or use it in other ways.

The content can also be sold through an online auction: the author can choose between a public auction and a private auction involving only specific users that he/she thinks could be interested in the images. In this case, if buyers want to participate in the auction, they must request the author’s permission. At this point, the seller will upload his/her work to the archive, choose how to present the image (high-quality but small size or original size but low-quality) and decide the starting price of the auction.

If you are interested in specific material, you can also launch a call to creators of images asking for the production of content created especially for you.

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