What is Gallerist about?

On one hand, the photo app presents itself as a showcase for your quality and original images. The user can then write detailed and catchy captions under his/her image to make it more attractive to possible followers and buyers. Because, you know, a good picture is not enough: you need to know how to present it to the right audience!

On the other, Gallerist wants to be the go-to site for private individuals but also newsrooms, magazines and public organizations that are looking for professional photos, original illustrations and other quality material that can fit their personal needs or their brand identity.

Finding your way around the photo app

Do you want to sell your work? Or are you looking for pictures to buy? Either way, you’re in the right place! To find your way around the Gallerist world, we provide different categories under which you can tag your images. Thanks to this, you can surf through our archive of beautiful photos and original content, and quickly sell or buy material:


Did you take a few good photos at last night’s happy hour? Upload them to Gallerist: the bar where they were taken could need them to promote other similar events!


Yesterday, while you were walking to work, you came across a rally and took some pictures. Today, someone in a newsroom somewhere may need the right shot for an article about it!


Did you ever think that the video of you playing your guitar could be useful to the company that made it for advertising it on their Facebook page? Upload the content to Gallerist!


You love to shoot photos to naturale landscapes? With Gallerist you can give value to your images and find buyers interested in buy its!

Food and beverage

Do you need to attach an image to the recipe you just posted on your blog? Did you consider an illustration instead of the usual vertical picture? In our images archive you can find what you need to make you blog take off!


Your selfie with your new headphones could become the new social content of the brand. Upload it to Gallerist!


Are you looking for some illustrations to attach to your article about new energies resources? Look for it in the Galleries archive: you could find what are you looking for!


Writing a review about a new camera but are tired of the usual archive photos and are looking for a site where you can buy images? Take a look at the Gallerist illustrations archive: you may find what you are looking for!


Have you ever though your living room’s photos could become the images chosen by an editorial staff to talk about the new design’s trends? With Gallerist is possible!

Business and finance

Do you need a business photo for your you web site but you do not want to use the usual fake images of men in suits in some conference room? In Galleries you can find original and true shoots!

Sport and leisure

Do you want to review that new longboard but you want to distinguish your self from the other reviews with stock photos? Some passionate could have shot the image you are looking for, search on Gallerist!


Are you lookingg for a photo of the Rome’s panorama but you are tired of the fake photos? Don’t worry! On Gallerist you can find the original image you are looking for!

Beauty and fashion

Maybe some fashion blogger wants to buy images of your shoes for her new post! Shoot and share the content on Gallerist!


Upload your illustration on Gallerist’s images archive: you cartoons could become a column in some online magazine!


The photos you shot in laboratory to document the experiment you did during class could be useful for a science magazine which want to talk about laboratory experiments!

Explicit content

Who said only models can show their body to the public? On Gallerist you can find users interested in your private photos.


Do you need a photo to attach to the review you wrote about the sushi restaurant you had dinner at last Saturday? Try searching through the Gallerist archive: someone may have taken the picture you need!


Do you need some image to attach to the articlee you wrote about the last exibition in town? Look for it in the Gaallerist’s archive, you can find a lot of original contents for your needs!


The beautiful photos of your last holiday could be put on the cover page of some travel agency’s brochure!  With Gallerist it’s possible.


Finally! Your dog’s photos could become the profile picture of his favorite dry food brand.

Architecture and design

Do you want to publish an article about that beautiful building you saw in Prague but you don’t want to attach the everyday archive photo? On Gallerist you might find the great pictures you’re looking for!


The photos of your new smartphone could be needed by a magazine for a review about it (and not just to boast with you friends!).

Cars and motorcycles

Are you tired to use the same car stock photos for your reviews? In Gallerist you can find original photos of the car’s models you want to review!

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