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So Gallerist is the free app that fits you!

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Here you can find buyers interested in buying your original contents.

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Gallerist is the perfect app to give value to your contents! Our app gives you the possibility to sell your original images. Downloading the app you become part of a community linked by the passion for beautiful photos and original images, where you can nurture professional collaborations and friendships.

Shot and share beautiful photos and become part of Galleries: the new photo app that gives value to your contents.

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  • Robert
  • Isabel
  • Naomi
  • Robert


    Are you a professional photographer and are you wondering why you should use Gallerist?

    Here four of the many reasons:

    • On Gallerist you can easily find buyers interested in you works.
    • You can create business networking, which could be useful for the future!
    • In our Community you can meet other professionals like you with which you can compare.
    • Thanks to the call launched by the buyers there are always new projects and challenge to work on!


  • Isabel


    “Pics or it never happened” is you motto and you are wondering how Gallerist could help you in giving value to this passion?

    We explain it to you in four points!

    • On Gallerist you can find buyers which need a “special envoy” on site, always prepared to shoot every detail!
    • In our Community you can meet other passionate about digital photography like you!
    • By entering Galleries you will have the possibility to compare with professional photographers that could advise you to improve your work!
    • You always have all the call launched by the buyers within smartphone: so you can answer live to buyer’s requests.


  • Naomi


    Have you always been the most courted of the school and you want to know who Gallerist could be useful to take advantage of this talent?

    That’s why!

    • On Gallerist you can cash in on the sell of you private photos.
    • You become part of a Community where you can get in touch with the buyers and to know who you’re dealing with!
    • On Gallerist we give value to you private shoots!
    • In Gallerist’s Community you can find buyer interested in using you photo for privat purpose but also for commercial purpose!


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