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Are you a content creator and want to find a place where you can sell photos? Gallerist will be the showcase for your works: here you can upload the content that you wish to sell to buyers. Once you have chosen the material you are interested in sharing, and the category, it will be published as a preview. This is because we want to protect you – the author – and the originality of your work.

In case of illustrations and graphic art, the content will be published with a digital watermark that guarantees ownership of the content and protects the author.

Soon it’ll be possible to publish on Gallerist also videos, the public will see only a few frames of its, which will also be protected by a digital watermark. If you decide to sell a photo, you can use filters to increase the noise of the image and reduce the quality. A low and  bad-quality version of the photo will be published. Starting from the description given in the caption and from what can be seen, the users interested in buying photos online can improve the photo just by tapping on it. The more people tap on the photo, the better the photo will become. While the users interact with the image it will progressively improve until the initial quality is achieved. In addition to prompting interaction with the photo and supporting the creation of a community united by the passion for images, we want to arouse the curiosity of potential buyers and create interest around the content. The image improvement speed is proportionally linked to the number of followers: the more the followers are, the faster the photo will improve; the more the followers are, the more your probability of selling photos will increase.

How to sell photos on line with Gallerist

Gallerist is the place for selling photos on line. Here you can find people interested in using your images for private purposes (that range from personal use to the resale of the content) but also people interested in using them for commercial purposes or advertising.

Don’t worry: your material will never be given to perfect strangers. Through our community you can get in touch with your buyer, understand why he/she is interested in your work and then decide if they are the right buyer for you!

As for how to sell photo, you can decide if you want to sell it through private negotiation or public auction.

For example: this morning, while you were going to work you came across a rally, you decided to take a photo and uploaded it to the Gallerist images archive. At the same time, a blogger was looking for an image to attach to the article he/she wrote on the same demonstration. That’s how it’s done! The blogger, who has access to the photo app archive, sees your photo and decides to buy it and use it for his/her article. Gallerist is the place where you can sell photos, get in touch with people and start working together. In this way you can enhance the value of both your work and your identity as an image-artist.

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